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Massage has confirmed therapeutic values beyond the relief it provides to sore muscles. Massage has been proven to aid in circulation, strengthen connective tissue, improve mental alertness, fortify the immune system, promote more peaceful sleep and more. Through the use of pressure stroking and rhythmic movements, massage therapies relax body and mind to impart a sense of well-being and serenity.

Swedish Massage
Based on classic European massage techniques, this full body massage helps soothe and relax tired muscles, relieves tension and increases circulation, inducing a feeling of well-being and relaxation. A calming and nurturing therapy.
(50 min.) $140
(80 Min) $188
(110 Min) $242

Deep-Tissue Massage
This type of massage focuses on releasing deeply held patterns of tension by using a variety of deep massage techniques to help encourage muscles to operate at their fullest capacity. Deep-tissue massage can remove toxins, and help increase circulation and lymphatic flow.
(50 min.) $155
(80 min.) $210

Aromatherapy Massage
A gentle, nurturing treatment using high quality essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. This treatment is therapeutic due to the properties of essential oils, which help to fortify the function of internal organs, boost the body's defense system, and improve circulation.
(50 min.) $155
(80 min.) $210

Hot Stone Massage
Hot, moist river stones are used in conjunction with massage strokes. The firmness and heat of the stones allow for deeper muscle penetration.
(80 min.) $220
(110 min.) $285

Sinus Drainage Massage
This is a 20-minute massage using all the sinus acupressure points on the head, chest, neck and arms. This treatment helps alleviate sinus headaches and congestion, clearing the sinus passages.

Executive Massage
Concentrating on the neck and shoulders. The focus of this 15-minute massage will quickly help relieve tension and stress. Includes neck, shoulders and partial back.
(15 min.) $45

Supreme Massage
Soothing Swedish full-body massage followed by foot reflexology. Concentrating on relieving all stress related to your entire body.
(80 min.) $220

Sports Therapy Massage
The ultimate massage for an athletic lifestyle. Sports Massage focuses on repair and recovery of fatigued, over-used muscles. Techniques include deep manipulation of muscle, along with heat and stretching.
(80 min.) $220

A therapeutic technique which focuses on specific pressure points of the feet. Reflexology helps improve circulation, reduce stress, ease pain, increase relaxation and energy flow throughout the body.
(45 min.) $85